Master Every Walk With the Quick-Control Training Leash

Adjustable Second Handle

Quick-Grab Design For Instant Safety

Ergonomic Shape

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Claim Instant Safety with the Quick-Grab Grip

Our solid perpendicular grip is easy to catch, ensuring instant close
control in unpredictable situations without the need to glance at your leash.

Customize Your Grip to Suit Your Dog's Needs

Your dog is one-of-a-kind. Our traffic handle is instantly adjustable to meet your every-changing training and safety objectives.

Effective Training Starts With A Calm Mindset

Reduce strain with a comfortable grip that lets you naturally use the entire strength of your arm for confident control.

The Swiss Army Knife of Dog Leashes

Hands Free Mode

Poop Bag Dispenser

Adjustable Tether

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We are Live on Kickstarter, get an exclusive discount.

Built Tough And Covered By Our Quality Guarantee

If your Quick-Control Leash doesn't last at least 3 years of regular wear and tear, send us a picture with your order number and address and we'll send a replacement.

Endless Versatility Without Added Complexity

Other multi-use leashes rely on complex, breakable mechanisms. We've enhanced the classic tried-and-true leash with our minimalist traffic handle and carabiner, creating ultimate utility without the hassle.

Get an exclusive discount

We are live on Kickstarter, get an exclusive discount